All about Master Lifestyle

Master Lifestyle was originally founded in 2016 by Brandon Nilsson in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. Initially, this wasn’t a brand for everything and was catered more to the streetwear scene and style, but it has slowly evolved into much more than that. Master Lifestyle was commonly known and referred to as MSTR which stands for Master. The brand had massive support and feedback throughout 2017 from personal friends, family, and people locally.
 Unfortunately due to unforeseen events, the primary focus for Master Lifestyle had to be changed due to massive changes on Brandon's behalf. At the start of 2018, Master Lifestyle had to be put to a complete stop as it wasn’t feasible for Brandon to be doing at the time. Thankfully this was yet another learning experience in the areas of management and business.

Since the closing of Master Lifestyle, Brandon proceeded to hone his skills in marketing, graphic design, software development, management, and overall business experience - all of which helped to make the Master Lifestyle that is present today. Although Master Lifestyle was no longer running, Brandon continued to be mastering his lifestyle on his own for future endeavors. Brandon himself has always been greatly influenced by the betterment of both his physical and mental health, as both play an impactful role in his lifestyle. Brandon is a strong believer that you could and should always try to be the best version of yourself. Quite literally you should master your lifestyle, no matter what that might be to you.
After the closure of Master Lifestyle, a couple of years went by and the many requests to relaunch the brand came as quite a surprise. These requests came from close friends, family, and to our surprise as well as strangers that love Master Lifestyle for what it is. Nearing the end of 2019, Brandon decided it was time to relaunch the brand you’ve now come to know as Master Lifestyle. This time he made sure to come back with a complete rebranding. Brandon knew things could be massively improved and that there is great potential for the brand to thrive. With this rebranding came his personality and flair. The rebranding also brought a change in what makes our brand unique and we became an overall lifestyle brand for everyone.
Master Lifestyle at this moment and time was refounded around the concept of being your true self. Loving the life you live and always striving to be the best you. Our fans range from entrepreneurs, models, families, all the way to farmers. Just your typical people like you and I, who are all proud to represent and show off their lifestyle, while improving and building off of what makes them, well, them.
Master Lifestyle is all about people being themselves. These people are all trying to discover or rediscover themselves and master all aspects of their lives. Self-improvement is all a part of the journey that is life. A part of the journey is recognizing who you truly are and owning all aspects of it.
Master Lifestyle is so much more than just another brand. It’s a movement and it’s a way of life. So, what are you waiting for? Master your lifestyle.
P.S: Talking about yourself in third person is very different. I just want to give a huge thank you to all the people who helped the original Master Lifestyle when I was just getting things started. You know who you are. Yours truly, Brandon.